Bliss will Hurt

I want to go home.

I never had a home.


Its so hard

To Live

To Love

and Dream. 

Who would you know

Smiles a true smile

Loves a true love

how would you know?

Nicotine and Caffeine 

Got married in my veins 

They had two babies

Named Pleasure and Pain

u save the best for them

Us And Eternity

I dreamt of us last nite

Suspended in water

Inhaling each other’s existence 

It felt like a spell casted upon the galaxies 

They milled into the deepest shade of blue

While eternity silently passed us by

The Bracelet

I heard something break last night

I think it was my heart


n all i see is the bracelet 

that bracelet  

n i wonder

if my love was ever true


This feeling runs deeper than u think … n I cant explain

How my head is going circles

How my heart has stopped beating 

How nothing can fill this void

How my sanity is holding out its hand 

How bittersweet this longing is … 

I Love You!

I love you

As much as you love them

But they don’t love you

As much as I do!


I wish … for once I’d wish to see all my truths fall apart

Just for once I’d wish to see the all the logics alter

To loose all that I’v ever had , to drop my sanity

Love ,Trust, Honor n Dignity I wish they just b words for a while

I wish the world ceases to b wot it is for a moment

To tear down all the realities, the convictions

How dare I wish sumthing so perilous, sumthing so bad beautiful!


Their hearts r their shields

They bear the scars as medals

Their arms r their story boards

The names u call them with , they wear them as scarlet letters

Girls r warriors …

… they fight every day

Trust me on that!

Where do I go now?

To you or to that dark fright

Should I blame you n me 

Or shall I keep quite?

If I feed you with my hunger

Will you be satisfied?

Until the flowers wilt

i’l fake a thousand smiles

i’l make a new disguise

i’ll show u what u want to see

i’ll b who u want me to b

But only until .. the flowers wilt!

I am not inside of me

Its you and only you!


i always wished to see ur smiling face

i always waited for ur warm embrace

i always longed to b by ur side

i always wanted to feel ur charming scent 

i never thought i’d long to touch ur carcass

i never thought i’d starve for one last glance 

i never though i’d pray they find ur dead body

i never thought u’d die in a plain crash